If you are expecting the usual and boring vacation attractions
you don’t have to go to Costa Rica

But you definitely need to do this if you want to see 10 times more than when traveling to any other country.
You don’t believe us?
In no other country in the world except
for Costa Rica the tourist wouldn’t be able to see up to 5% of all animals and plants of the planet in one trip. It's almost 500,000! flora and fauna representatives. And all this in one trip. The wild nature - the forests and jungles!
Instead of lying on a beach, you can swim in two oceans (Pacific and Atlantic), lie on the snowy white, gold or even black volcanic sand
Hearing a deep guttural sound of howlers or the rustling of leaves, be sure that the numerous flocks of monkeys are now directly above you
Rise to the slopes of active volcanoes
(there are 118 here!), or watch the lake in the crater of a 300 meter depth
Take a walk through the wild jungle, and see huge iguanas and stunning boas. Or look at a giant seven-meter crocodiles or two-meter turtles weighing a ton
Do you want to see rivers and lagoons with turquoise blue water? The sight is truly overwhelming!
You will be able to see hundreds of different and bizarre animals the existence of which you were not even aware
Visit any of the 74 nature reserves and see 10 species of forest and more than ten thousand species of plants
Or go fishing and catch a huge sailfish and 600 kilogram marlins more than four-meter long
Take a dip in the hot springs surrounded by tropical gardens. Enjoy mud baths
You will see hundreds of frogs of all possible colors: poisonous orange, turquoise, green, bright blue and many others. You'd be surprised, but many of them live on trees!
Stroll through the hanging bridges, laid over the tropical forest at an altitude of over 120 meters! This is the height of the skyscraper
Watch flocks of hammerhead sharks and giant 10-meter whale sharks, black dolphins, humpback whales and huge killer whales
Uncover the secrets of caves 200 meters depth, watching the stalactites and stalagmites formed 15-20 million years ago
And of course you’ll get familiar to a variety of birds species. Costa Rica boasts the fact that its territory is the place for 10% of all bird species in the world!
Admire the mountains, valleys, lakes, forests, bio-parks and 50-meter waterfalls
In addition to the already described animals you can also see pythons, raccoons, deer, tapirs, coatis, possums, coyotes, lots of reptiles, armadillos, black panthers, jaguars, pumas and red macaw

The list can be infinite, but in short you will find more than 10,000 species of plants, 6,000 species of butterflies, more than 894 species of birds, 1,600 species of fish, more than 175 species of amphibians, more than 225 species of reptiles, 120 species of snakes, more than 250 species of mammals, 100 species of frogs, 150 species of bats and many many other species

In this natural diversity it becomes very difficult
to choose from a huge number of opportunities for active recreation - over 50!

And all this is only a small part of reasons why you should
spend your vacation in Costa Rica!

Oh, and we almost forgot!
Of course, you will be offered the best hotels and service!

Top 12 evidence of
the foregoing:

Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world.
Travel Channel

The best place to explore the wild nature.
Channel Fox

Third place in the top 5 best places for vacation around the world. Travel and Lesuire

The first place - the most popular place for adventure trips. Trip Advisor

The first place - Best Latin or South American country. Travel Pulse

The first place - the most popular place where the environment isn’t harmed. Trip Advisor

The first place - the most romantic place in the list of the best places in the world for a honeymoon. Readers’ Choice Awards

Manuel Antonio Park - one of the 12 most beautiful national parks in the world. Revista Forbes

The first place - Costa Rica received a Crystal Apple as the best place in the world. Apple Vacations

The best place in central and southern America. Travel Weekly Readers Choice

Fourth place in the top ten world's reefs. National Geographic

Costa Rica won 9 awards at the main tourist Prize World Travel Awards

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  • Many novice agencies work with no licensed and trained guides.
  • Not being experts in the touristic area, they can’t make good programs and routes. In consequence of that the tourists get tired, and instead of a unique holiday, they have only frustration and fatigue.
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Our company - Ruscosta Costa Rica Destination Services, has been repeatedly recommended by the Ministry of Costa Rica as an expert in consultations with the international press holdings.

We have participated and assisted in the filming of a variety of TV programs, including
federal TV

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Our customers - state officials, artists and celebrities.

We have letters of appreciation from the leaders of the tourism industry.

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